Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Giving the gift of a candy bar...

It wasn't much, but it seemed to make the sales lady's day when I bought her a candy bar. I was trying to decide whether to cheat a bit and eat a candy bar as I hadn't had lunch and wouldn't be able to eat until dinner (yes, that's called bad decision making, poor choice, major justification... whatever!). I made a joke with the check-out person about which one to get and she said it didn't matter as long as I got her a Snickers bar.

So I did.

She thought I was getting it for myself until I handed it to her.

She lit up like a Christmas tree. We talked a bit and she told me about how she would at times pull a dollar or some change out of her pocket when someone came up a bit short on something they seemed to really need or want.

See, random cheer comes back to you! Do something nice for someone today.

I like the idea of sending cards with nice little sayings in them. Just perks me up when I get one from someone, especially when there's no particular reason for getting it...

Let us know if you've done something nice for someone.

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