Friday, November 28, 2008

About the Random Cheer Project

The purpose of the Random Cheer Project (RCP) is to, well, spread cheer. Anonymously. Randomly.

It's a simple idea and it's simple to spread cheer.

Randomly pick a name, a church, a school, a class, a band, a business, or any individual or group NOT living in YOUR city. Choose them any way you'd like. Open the phone book and put a finger on a name. Put a last name and a state in the White Pages on the Internet. Look up a business name that you see on the stock scroll on TV. Look up the address of someone's name that's in the news somewhere.

Make a card or buy a card of cheer and hope. It can be a card that gives a message of faith or one that just says "I'm thinking about you". Make sure it doesn't sound like you're a stalker or crazy though!

Send it.

You can add a nice short little note saying you spent five minutes praying for the person or that you made a donation in their name to a favorite charity if you'd like.

It doesn't cost much, it doesn't take much time, it's thoughtful and it can make someone's day. It can put a smile on someone's face or let someone know that they matter in this world.


1. Never send the same person a card or message of cheer twice (you don't want them trying to track you down or turning the cards over to the police to find out who's stalking them! Our mission is a minute or more of cheer.

2. Don't sign your name or put a full return address on the card. Send it from Random Cheer Project, your city and state but no street address.

3. Don't put your name anywhere on the card, inside or out. If you write a note and would like to sign it, just use your initials or put "A member of the Random Cheer Project".

4. The person or group you choose should NOT live in your city.

5. You can include a short, very short, note but don't preach, don't proselytize and don't be long-winded. The purpose is to just let the person know that they're important in this world and that you wanted to send a smile.

If you'd like to include one of those little wallet poems or a card with a Bible verse or some other small flat item, feel free. Don't send a gift or anything lumpy. You're liable to have the bomb squad on the premise and that's NOT what we want! It's best to just write a note on the card, but I know some of you are going to feel led to embellish . Please do NOT use the RCP to try and convert someone to your faith. While the founders are Christian, this is NOT a secular project. We want anyone from any walk in life or any faith to participate.

I'm sure we'll think up some other rules or guidelines (don't you hate the word "rules"?) as time goes on. In the meantime, let's spread some cheer.