Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Please Go Ahead

A kind word spoken to an elderly resident of an assisted living home. A cheery Merry Christmas to the frazzled clerk behind the counter. Maybe, just a simple "please."

Acts of kindness can be simple and they can be completely spontaneous.

We were traveling over the holidays and had stopped at the state line to stretch our legs and take a 10 minute much needed break. The parking lot was packed. There were long lines of cars just waiting for someone to pull out. All the while, the kids were fidgeting in the backseat saying, "Hurry, hurry." You get the picture.

The hustle and bustle of the crowds all merging at the one door ahead of us caught my attention. The different languages being spoken to the children, all who had the same look of Christmas expectation on their faces, was amazing.

I stood in line patiently. I say patiently, because what else is there to do? There was no puddle at my feet, so I could stand and wait. Ah, my time was almost there. The door at the end opened. It was a large door- one that is just perfect when extra help is needed. I looked behind me and saw a young mother with her small ones in tow.

"Merry Christmas," I chirped. "Please, go ahead and take my spot."

She was shocked that someone would let her go to the head of the line. She tried to be polite. I quietly insisted another door would open soon.

Gratefully, she went ahead with her young children.

Yep, a small act of kindness doesn't require much. The smile of gratitude on her face was enough to make me smile. And then, of course, my door opened wide.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Cheer at Fayetteville Penny's

Give a shout out to the JC Penney store in Fayetteville. They have employees walking aimlessly around the store handing out candy canes and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. And it's all with a smile on their faces.

Made me slow down and find something to buy.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Giving the gift of a candy bar...

It wasn't much, but it seemed to make the sales lady's day when I bought her a candy bar. I was trying to decide whether to cheat a bit and eat a candy bar as I hadn't had lunch and wouldn't be able to eat until dinner (yes, that's called bad decision making, poor choice, major justification... whatever!). I made a joke with the check-out person about which one to get and she said it didn't matter as long as I got her a Snickers bar.

So I did.

She thought I was getting it for myself until I handed it to her.

She lit up like a Christmas tree. We talked a bit and she told me about how she would at times pull a dollar or some change out of her pocket when someone came up a bit short on something they seemed to really need or want.

See, random cheer comes back to you! Do something nice for someone today.

I like the idea of sending cards with nice little sayings in them. Just perks me up when I get one from someone, especially when there's no particular reason for getting it...

Let us know if you've done something nice for someone.